Refills Make An Electronic Cigarette More Interesting

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E Cigarette users normally need to have refills, so if you are new to it, you should be aware

how to get it refilled. Your smart selection will enable you to have better and healthier

life; you will be proud one day when you tell others that you are now enjoying a nicotine free

life. It's very easy to get the cartridge of an E Cig refilled with the choice of your

flavours, sometimes people love to have change on each refill.

You can refill it with a dripper method or use syringe to inject the eliquid into the

cartridge. It's the level of vapours you leave for electric cigarette that determine whether

you need a refill or not yet.

1. This is the first method for refilling of e cig. It's not only slower but just a little

carelessness from your end can end up to a liquid spill here and there. Before filling liquid

to it, you need to open the cartridge. Take off the cap with some tool etc. and drip in a few

drops one by one into it one by one. The position of the cartridge should be horizontal or you

can have difficulty in dropping right into opening. It will get soaked as you keep on dropping

liquid in it, keep on dropping but a few drops at a time and let them absorb in it. You may

need to repeat it many times till the cartridge gets saturated. Keep on dropping carefully and

you will get a complete refilled e cig ready for you. Sometimes it is over filled so if it is

the case, you can take a few drops out to maintain a normal quantity. Close the opening of the

cartridge when you are finished refilling it. Set it to the electronic cigarette again and

here you go.

2. As compare to the dripping method the second is a lot easier and you will feel comfortable

refilling it. In addition to the liquid you will need a syringe to take liquid and inject it

to the cartridge. You can easily control the liquid spilling so it is the better way to do it.

It takes much less time and efforts to get it done. You will need a small tweezers or

screwdriver to get off the rubber cap from the cartridge. Take the bottle, inject the syringe

in it and have the precisely exact quantity needed to refill it. You will have to insert the

syringe from the opening enough deep that you should almost reach to the bottom. Inject all

the material into the cartridge and replace the rubber cap on its place tightly once you get

it refilled. It takes hardly a minute or so to complete it making it the most popular

refilling method. If you see any leftover liquid in the syringe you can put it back for next

refilling. The syringe should be washed with plain water after use, so that you can use it

many times. You can exactly control the quantity to put into the cartridge in this refilling

technique. If you have kids at home, you need to be careful in handling and storing syringe.

You can keep on experimenting with new flavours available in the market which is the strongest

advantage of getting e cig refilled.

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Refills Make An Electronic Cigarette More Interesting

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This article was published on 2011/05/15